A place to B(z)

We want to collectively redesign public spaces in Bolzano by inviting citizens to co-create interim uses for abandoned areas. We can revitalize these neighbourhoods and empower residents to address their own needs, fostering public participation. By creating a common narrative for the city and ensuring equal access for all, we can build welcoming spaces, that act as the breeding grounds for local culture.

What we would like to achieve:

  • Opening the area behind the train station in Bolzano to the public and establishing Urban Commons there.
  • Better connecting existing associations, Fostering opportunities for independent culture and Creating offers for young and young-at-heart

Who will benefit?

  • City Society
  • Residents of the Neighbourhood,
  • Local Associations
  • Young People and Young-at-Heart

What Challenges we see:

  • Scattered landscape of local associations
  • Slow and intransparent bureaucratic process
  • Indecisiveness and lack of support by the municipality

What we need:

  • Funding (for events, work time, materials)
  • Manpower (planning and conducting of events, having talks with municipality and partners)
  • Media coverage (raising more awareness, including diverse groups)
  • Legal support (permissions, legal form)
  • materials, spaces, services, tools, knowledge, learning, support, solidarity, multipliers, publicity, …

Next Steps

  • Creating interventions and events to raise awareness and prototype future uses
  • Applying for funding
  • Negotiating for an opening of the area
  • Continuously networking with local associations

Comitted persons & Contact