Widespread Festival 11.06

“A Window on the NEB – Mountains” is a widespread festival organized in Bolzano, but most of all is an opportunity to express your opinion and strengthen the idea of the New European Bauhaus in the mountain area at the forefront! Come and look through the ‘window’ – a symbol of openness to new ideas, thoughts and expressions. By using such strong symbol, the NEB of the mountains aims at guiding the community in the discovery of the city, starting from the positive actions, experiences and projects that already prosper in Bolzano.

Please see the map [View Fullscreen] for all events happening during this year’s very first contribution ot the New European Bauhaus Festival in Bolzano from 10–11 June, 2022.

The new European Bauhaus

The Bauhaus gathered persons from the most diverse directions of art, architecture, design and other fields to work on the societal challenges of their time. Today, in the face of escalating multiple crises, the task is to shape the profound transformation towards sustainable, resilient and solidary modes of living and production. The New European Bauhaus is developing through regional hubs all over Europe.

The New European Bauhaus of the Mountains started in South Tyrol with open workshops in July 2021. It aims to enable creative collaboration among designers, architects, urbanists, rural developers, artists, engineers, scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, students, inhabitants and everyone interested. Join to co-create a social-ecological transformation focussing on mountain areas.