“A Window on the NEB – Mountains” Festival organized in Bolzano by the NEB of Mountain network

Eurac Research is the official partner of the New European Bauhaus an interdisciplinary initiative promoted by Commissioner Von del Leyen aimed at implementing the Green Deal on a local scale and promoting transformations in line with three principles: together, sustainability, beauty.

On 10 and 11.06.2022 people had the opportunity to look through the ‘window’ – a symbol of openness to new ideas, thoughts and expressions. By using such a potent symbol, the NEB of the mountains aims to guide the community in the discovery of the city, starting from the positive actions, experiences and projects that already prosper in Bolzano. This element will be revisited by all the participants from cultural, social, functional and aesthetic perspectives, and will become a way to engage with the citizens. The window is one of the most significant elements of the building’s facade, it influences the relationship between the indoor and outdoor, public and private.

All the participant entities were added to an interactive Open Street Map, developed for the occasion. Thanks to the cycling guided tours supported by the students of the University of Bolzano, visitors and laypersons were able to discover the exhibitions, workshops and performances of the single locations. Attractive communication, positioned primarily on the buildings’ windows, helped draw visitors’ attention to the initiative. Suggestions and opinions were collected through the QR codes spread around the city.