BASIS Vinschgau–Venosta & Drusus Kaserne

Creating sustainable models and prototypes of temporary living spaces at BASIS Vinschgau Venosta. These can be mobile and modular as well as designed into one of the buildings (palazzina tagliamento). 

What we would like to achieve:

  • Prototype the reuse of the palazzina tagliamento, where we currently have the arts and handicraft ateliers (half of the building)
  • Building own tiny houses (in the space immediately in front of the building/ at garden behind BASIS)


  • “Rückkehrer-Agentur”: housing model for people who wait until the construction of their own house is done
  • Rest-Residency
  • Research-Residencies
  • Eco-Social Design Hostel: small private, temporary space, very good quality of materials and services 

Who will benefit?

  • Local Society
  • People who are coming back from abroad
  • Researchers
  • Local Economy

What Challenges we see:

Need for political support

What we need:

#Money #Working time #People #Knowledge #Solidarity #Scalable prototype #Business plan (that showcases how many people can sustainably be housed)

Next Steps

Short Term

  • Proposal for New European Bauhaus of the Mountains office at BASIS
  • Platform for Academia
  • Find people/ resources to work together
  • Prototype reuse of palazzina tagliamento

Mid Term

Building own tiny houses (garden behind BASIS)

Long Term

Develop apartment blocks

Committed persons & Contact

Hannes Götsch (BASIS Vinschgau Venosta), Ghali Egger (BASIS Vinschgau Venosta), Aart van Bezooijen (unibz), Ella Overkleeft (Rural Radicals), Giulia Paoletti (EURAC), Uwe Staffler (CasaClima), Alessandro Rancati