Kapuzinergarten Bozen – Parco dei Cappuccini Bolzano

A refurbished place for people and cultural centre

The municipal administration plans to change the use of the Parco Cappucini / Kapuzinerpark in the city centre of Bolzano (between the municipal theatre and Dominikanerplatz). The administration already commissioned an architecture firm to build the basic infrastructure (kiosk, stage, playground) but still has to define how the place will be managed.

We would like to achieve:

The Parco Cappucini / Kapuzinerpark should become a new cultural space for the city that brings together a cultural programme and a kiosk that serves food and drinks. The park should become an inclusive cultural space in the city centre of Bolzano, where culture and gastronomy together revitalise the park, which is currently little used.

The scenario table reflects on what ideas, values, and characteristics the park should have and how a cultural programme can be run there together with a bar/kiosk to create an open, multifunctional and democratic space. The scenario table aims to formulate a concept paper on initiating a “call for ideas” for the cultural and gastronomic programme of the park.

Who will benefit?

  • Citizens
  • The neighbourhood
  • Associations that are active in the city.

What Challenges we see:

Start a process with the municipality in order to guide them through the “call for ideas” and select a proposal which reflects the core idea of the project and define a space which is:

  • Grow and play
  • Immerse yourself in art and nature
  • Eating and sharing good moments together
  • Inspiring cultural projects
  • Work and study
  • Exchange ideas for the future
  • Connecting with others
  • Inclusive

What we need:

#Solidarity #Multipliers #Support from the municipality 

Next Steps

Defining an input for the “call for ideas” with a concept paper and the outcomes of the scenario table
Establishing an exchange with the responsible persons in the municipality. Communicate the “call for ideas” to reach as many interested people as possible

Committed persons & Contact

Lukas Abram, Noemi Alfi (Comune di Bolzano), Angelika Burtscher (Lungomare), Judith Hafner (Netzwerk für Nachhaltigkeit), Ruth Lochmann, Katharina Longariva (Blufink), Daniele Lupo (Lungomare), Zeno Oberkofler (Fridays for Future), Sabina Scola (Comune di Bolzano), Katrin Teutsch (QuasiCentrum), Roberto Tubaro (Waaghaus)