NEB Lab: New European Bauhaus of the mountains

This community-led NEB Lab project seeks to improve the quality of the built environment and citizens’ quality of life in rural and mountain areas.

The project aims to co-create socio-ecological transformation in mountain areas. The idea behind it is to enable a creative collaboration process between thinkers and facilitators who want to develop innovative beautiful, sustainable and inclusive solutions for complex social problems.

The initiative works on seven thematic clusters:

  1. sustainability and affordable housing
  2. valorisation of sustainable and beautiful built environment
  3. circular design and bio economy
  4. art and democracy
  5. creative industries and inclusive society
  6. design and art of education
  7. digital transformation for the common good

The aim is to implement the New European Bauhaus at the regional level, with a special focus on South Tyrol, as the province’s landscape is dominated by mountains.

The project is driving the following transformations on the ground:

  • Transformation of mindset: awareness rising activities at the local level, training new generations on issues related to circular design, bioeconomy, socio-ecological transition, new educational tools for a sustainable future.
  • Transformation of places, public spaces and buildings in the mountains: implementation of projects and socially acceptable solutions related to energy efficiency, transition pathway towards a green, digital and resilient transformation;  citizen participation, co-planning, community development.

Project milestones

  • March 2022 and December 2022: At least 2 cross-thematic workshops per year
  • 18-21 May 2022: New European Bauhaus of the Mountain public conference and workshops during the Clima House Fair
  • 9-12 June 2022: Participation in the New European Bauhaus Festival with side events in Bolzano
  • June 2022: Project Website
  • December 2022: Project Proposals for local, national and EU funding

Participation in the project

The New European Bauhaus of the mountains is a way of thinking, living, and exploring by bringing together physically or virtually different stakeholders dealing with mountain topics. 

The project involves artists, activists, designers, architects, students, scientists, engineers, creative minds from all disciplines, policy makers and all interested citizens.

Anyone with an interest in mountains and living in harmony within such exciting settings is invited to join the project.

Project team coordinators

Committed person & Contact

Vesna Caminades, Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano – South Tyrol