Participation as an Instrument for Sustainable and Inclusive Regional Development

Social-ecological transformation needs participation. The project wants to foster real participatory democracy, and therefore foresee the steps: 

  1. Found a trans-local network and working group for participation and social-ecological transformation
  2. Showcase (online) successful participation in attractive and concise ways, including “backstage” information, helping others to learn how to make it work (and what pitfalls to avoid).
  3. Organise peer learning within the network (“inner vision club”)

We would like to achieve:

Radical democratisation in all areas, with a first focus on regional development.

Who will benefit?

  • Transformation-engaged persons and organisations, getting arguments and tools for democratisation at hands
  • People in public administration and politics, learning how participatory democracy works in practice
  • On a societal level: people, who are empowered to co-create the environment and society they want to live in (at least partly; instead of the feeling of powerlessness, the withdrawal into the private sphere and the disintegration of society into individual interests)

What Challenges we see:

It’s a lot of work and needs commitment in a situation where all engaged people are usually overworked.

What we need:

#Money (Funding to pay the person doing the major workload) #People, #Working time #Materials #Spaces #Services #Tools #Knowledge #Learning #Support #Solidarity #Multipliers #Publicity

Next Steps

to be announced

Committed persons & Contact

Federica Maino, Daria Habicher, Sabina Frei, Thomas Benedikter, Sergio Previte, Kris Krois, …